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FAQ – Carpet Cleaning

Do you move furniture?
Yes, "movable" furniture is moved. Beds, dressers and heavier pieces are left in place as are pieces that have cables such as TV stands, computer stations, etc. The customer is asked to remove decorative items from furniture that will be moved.

How long will it take for the carpet to dry?
It depends on a variety of conditions, but good air movement is key. Setting up fans and leaving windows open when possible will greatly decrease the drying time.

How soon can I walk on the carpet?
Limited, gentle movement from one room to another as necessary is OK. Be sure your shoes are clean. Better yet, take off your shoes and put on a clean pair of socks!

The technicians left little plastic squares under some of my furniture.
These foam blocks or plastic tabs have been placed under the bases of furniture to protect the carpet from any wood or metal. Wait at least 24 hours before removing them.

Can you remove all the spots in my carpet?
Our technicians will pre-treat the entire carpet with special attention to spots. However, keep in mind the difference between a spot and a stain. Most spots can be completely removed; where as stains are a permanent discoloration of the surface.

What should I do if I spill or get something on my carpet or upholstery?
It is best not to apply any cleaning product on a spot if you intend on having a professional company address the problem. Once a cleaning solution is added into the spot it changes the chemistry of the substance. Cleaning Services carries specific products to address different substances, such as coffee, gum, urine, rust, blood, vomit and other likely mishaps. In the event of a spill simply blot the area. A little cold water typically will not be a problem, but never use hot water. The sooner the spot gets professional attention the better the chances are of getting good to excellent results.

Re-occurring spots
If a spot re-appears within 5 days after cleaning, it may have encountered a condition called “wicking”. Wicking occurs when a pre-existing spot was heavily soiled or a large volume spill had occurred. Call us within 5 days and Cleaning Services will be happy to come back out to re-address the spot at no charge. However, it may be that it is not a spot but in fact a stain.

Will carpet cleaning remove indentations from heavy furniture?
Indentations will most likely improve. However, severe cases may be permanent or with only slight results.

How often should carpets be cleaned?
It depends on its use. Once a year for less “traveled” carpet and two or more times a year for active families. Major carpet manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning. They also recommend truck mount steam extract as the superior method. Frequent cleaning allows soils to release from the carpet fibers. We know that with clothing, the deeper a soil is ground into the fiber, the less likely it is to come clean. Same holds true for carpet fiber.

Will carpet cleaning remove the dark, dirty look around the perimeter of my rooms?
This condition is called "filtration soiling". Basically, it’s air moving throughout the home carrying minute soil particles and those particles are getting trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Regular edge vacuuming is your best weapon against this accumulation of soil. Once it takes on the discoloration it is very difficult to remove, even professionally.

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